my life is full of love, laughter and a lot of toddler kisses & giggles.

I am a wife, mom and makeup artist just trying to live and love my chaotic, beautiful life day by day.

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My gorgeous client this morning, classic pin up hair & makeup for a boudoir shoot. Hair & makeup by ME ❤️💄

Im sorry, but until your little girls grow into women and gets her woman parts, her body is not “sexual” and should not be seen that way. Hell a woman’s body shouldn’t ever be seen that way, but by sexualizing a baby girl shirtless it is making it out to be that way. I will post pictures of my daughter shirtless, in a diaper, ect because at this point her body in a diaper looks the same as a little boy’s with a diaper on…I will not feel bad for doing so because I refuse to sexualize my 18 month old child. End of story

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My cute lunch date 💋

It is so hard

To buy gifts for people you aren’t around a lot. I have no idea what to get my brother in law, like he’s so hard to shop for! I’m drawing blanks and it doesn’t help that I suck at presents anyways. Anyone have any ideas?

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Guys I’m serious, she won’t take it off! Hahah

We got Aubrees costume today! Hahaha I love it and she did not want to take it off

you cant just wake up, kiss me and think everything is okay and then storm off when I tell you its not. there are still underlying issues that need to be resolved. if only life was as easy and going to sleep and waking up happy with all the issues gone.

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See I love venting here, because it’s easy to do so, but 9/10 it’s about Tommy and I feel like I paint him in a really negative light every time I do. which he isn’t a bad guy at all, He just pisses me off and I vent about it which is obviously negative haha. I feel like if he were to do it to me I would get upset so I’m going to try to be better about that, but I’m sure it’ll happen from time to time and I’m still going to rant about bitches and stupid people/things because I don’t give two flying fucks about that hahah :p

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I feel really bad for venting on here about personal issues; but then again I don’t have any friends who I can just run to and vent so this is like my “safe place” even though it’s super public and open. Venting makes me feel better in the moment and I wish I had someone I could vent to any time of day. My best friend is a nurse and works long hours so I can’t just call her when I’m upset since she’s either working or sleeping even though I know she’d drop anything to help me, as I do for her. Often I delete my rants after I’ve come to my senses but by then everyone’s already read it haha

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