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I am a wife, mom and makeup artist just trying to live and love my chaotic, beautiful life day by day.

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makeup contract is DONE

i am now requiring deposits because i have had 3 cancelations within the past week and im not about that lifeeee so yeah

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Anniversary dinner with my love last night ❤️ happy two years babe!

We’re goons 😋


The more food you eat, the more milk you make?

I haven’t eaten since yesterday at 6,
Today haven’t been able to pump anything…?

Yep, food and tons of water help you produce. You need to eat constantly and get in those extra calories in order to keep the milk flowing

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Babe made reservations for us tonight for our anniversary at a super fancy restaurant that spins 😳 I’m kinda excited, kinda nervous because we are not the fancy restaurant type. Give us a beer and a hunk of meat and we’re happy hahaha

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I have nooo clue what aubree should be for Halloween. I’m so lost because I feel like 90% of toddler costumes are cheesy.

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Yeah…she fancy.

My daughter is walking around in just a diaper with fancy shoes on. She insisted she wear them and she is strutting her stuff all around the house

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The fact that

I can’t get a call back about my daughters health really frustrates me. She has a problem to where she needs medication daily, and I’m told to go get labs done to make sure her medication is on track and then I won’t hear from them for 2 months unless I call. And even when I do call it takes forever to hear back. I don’t take her health lightly since it can affect her mental development and if this shit keeps happening I’m switching doctors.

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Welp, excitement gone 😒 oops