So I get up at 4:15 to go workout, since it’s the only time I can go to the gym without it being overpacked with marines and Aubree is still asleep. I go to leave, open the garage and Tommy’s truck is in the driveway so I can’t get out. I would just take his truck but I can’t drive a stick. So I’m pissed. If I wasn’t so nice I’d go wake his ass up to have him move it. He knew I was going so whyyyy would he park there or move his car last night when I told him 5 times before we went to sleep that I was leaving at 4:30.





Am I the only one not buying presents for my child on Easter? Sorry I don’t understand…

Im with you.

I’m not. For Pete’s sake my child is almost one and doesn’t even understand what it is yet!

Me neither, 1. her birthday is the day before Easter this year 2. She wouldn’t understand yet

Worst feeling in the world

Is when family comes to visit, then they leave. It feels so empty, I get all depressed when my family leaves. It’s too quiet, I keep walking around and out house is so bare since their stuff isn’t here. I fcking hate this. I miss the old times when we all lived under one roof…

mama-beachbum asked:
Happy birthday Madison!!! Love ryker and Chelsea :)

Thank youuu!

P.s you forgot the Aubree in front of Madison, but it’s okay ;) we still love you hehe


Oh my gosh this can’t be real :(

happy birthday to the love of my life, my heart and soul, and my reason for everything I do. I love you so much and watching you become the little girl you are has been such a joy. Although it’s been a tough, chaotic year I wouldn’t have changed one thing. You are my princess Aubree Madison. And you will forever be my baby.

shayinwonderland asked:
good morning. I remember a while ago you decided to make a new blog and you have everyone who was following that one automatically following this new did you do that? I am trying to restart my whole blog and I want to delete the one I have now...How did you succeed?

I never made a new blog, so I think you have me confused with someone else I’m sorry.

Aubree catch up?? Haha

Sorry I’ve been absent, I’ve been way busy.

Anonymous asked:
Congrats on your weight loss. I had a question, what was our start weight and how tall are you? What is your goal weight, and were you in shape before you had your baby. kudos again.

thanks! my start weight was 208, I am 5’3 which made me look a lot heavier than that. i don’t really have a goal weight, I am striving to be happy with what I see in the mirror. but I know i’d like to lose another 50 lbs for sure. I was in semi-shape before having Aubree, meaning I wasn’t super fit, but I wasn’t fat I was just normal.