I'm McKinzie, I am a wife, mom & Makeup Artist. My family & I currently call Hawaii home; as this is where my husband is stationed. I blog about my life; the good, bad, and the ugly.

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Experienced my first rude local.
Everyone warned us when moving here that locals were rude to military families & tourists. Well we went to the mall and as I was putting Aubree in her car seat the guy who was parked next to us came to try and get into his car. I apologized for blocking his way and closed the door so he could get by. Well he goes up to the passenger window and tells Tommy to roll it down. He told Tommy he needs to tell his chick to be more respectful of other peoples shit. We were both like uhh ok what are you talking about and he went off saying that I dinged his truck and that my door was touching his truck, which it wasn’t. I’m not that rude and make sure I never touch anyone else’s car. He proceeded to argue saying it was, and then tried to get an apology out of me by calling me names & saying he isn’t asking for money just wants an apology.

I apologized just to get him away and his wife & their child came over and she had to force him to get into their car.

Like I understand, if I had hit his car on accident I would of manned up and admitted it and apologized. But I know I didn’t, it wasn’t even close to it & even tommy knew I didn’t because he saw me open the door and make sure it didn’t touch it. Lord, sometimes people suck.

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One thing I do not understand is why people think fighting solves everything.

Like people from my home town think they’re all bad ass and fight because someone said something bad about them or whatever lame excuse they have. (Mind you most of these people are trashy, sorry not sorry) Like you guys are in your mid to late 20’s, high school was a while ago, grow up.

People think they’re so tough and need to show that by fighting? No, actually go do something with your life instead of doing petty things.

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I’ve been having sciatica pain all day.
I thought I got rid of this crap when I had Aubree, goo awayyy.

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I’m not doing this today

Nope. Nope. Nope

When’s my day off?

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Yep, I’m happy.

My hair looks so stupid straight, it’s so flat and blah. But even though today’s been crap and I wanna just lay down and do nothing Tommy insists we go to this free concert on base…so we’re going and I gave up trying to make my face look good. Sunglasses fo lyfe

Love is…

Your husband coming home and giving you the rest of his bag of honey mustard pretzels cause he knows you love them.

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It’s amazing what a cute lacy bra & some makeup can do for your mood.

Im in a bad place right now

Today’s been tough and it’s still early, thank god it’s nap time so I can go take a hot shower, shave my legs and pamper myself to try and feel better.

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